Ghazi Abunahl

Ghazi Abunahl is the Chairman of Nest Investments Holding, which includes a Group of Companies that operate in 23 countries covering Insurance, Reinsurance, Insurance Broking, Real Estate, Banking and licensed services The Group employs more than 2,000 people and its assets exceed USD 5 billion with a turnover of more the USD 700 million.

His long association with the World Trade Centre Association (WTCA) – New York, resulted in a Board Membership in April 2004. He was the Chairman of the WTCA - New York until April 2017 and now is the Chairman emeritus for life.

Ghazi Abunahl started his career in insurance with an Insurance Agency (Arab Commercial Enterprises) in Qatar in 1960. Today, the Cypriot businessman is the shareholder and Chairman of a Group whose net assets exceed US$ 2.6 billion with subsidiaries and affiliates in the MENA region, Europe, USA and Asia Pacific In 1979, with 20 rich years of experience under his belt, he started Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance Company as a domestic Insurance company in Qatar and became its GM, a position he holds to date. The company now has a Paid-up Capital of US$240 million while shareholders equity stands at more than US$1.76 billion. The Company is publicly listed on the Qatari Stock Exchange and is considered an excellent security in the Middle East and International Markets with an AM Best A- Rating.

In 1989, he established Trust International Insurance and Reinsurance Company BSC (c) “Trust Re” in Bahrain, as one of the then few Reinsurance Companies in the region, with a Paid-up Capital of US$15 million. The paid up capital now stands at US$250 million and an equity of US$490 million. Mr. Abu Nahl has previously held the Chairman position of Trust Re and was until recently a Board Member. Trust Re is one of Ghazi Abunahl’s major achievements and is regarded as a great compliment to the Arab Reinsurance Industry.

In 2013, Ghazi Abunahl received the Federation of Afro-Asian Insurance and Reinsurance (FAIR) Hall of Fame Award for his invaluable services to the MENA Insurance industry.

In 2017 Ghazi Abunahl and his wife were made members of the Oxford University Chancellor’s court of Benefactors.

Ghazi Abunahl has been a member of Lloyds of London Insurance for more than 40 years.